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National anthem of Cuba

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Cuba

La Bayamesa

Al combate, corred, bayameses,
Que la Patria os contempla orgullosa;
No temáis una muerte gloriosa,
Que morir por la Patria es vivir.

En cadenas vivir, es vivir
En afrenta y oprobio sumido;
Del clarín escuchad el sonido;
¡A las armas, valientes, corred!

The Bayamo Song

To combat, run, Bayamesans!
For the homeland looks proudly upon you;
Do not fear a glorious death,
For to die for the homeland is to live.

To live in chains is to live
Mired in shame and disgrace.
Hear the sound of the bugle:
To arms, brave ones, run!

The National Anthem of Cuba was written and composed by Perucho Figueredo.

The motto of Cuba: Fatherland or death.

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