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National Anthem Yemen

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United Republic

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Yemen

Repeat, O World, my song.
Echo it over and over again.
Remember, through my joy, each martyr.
Clothe her with the shining mantles of our festivals.
Repeat, O World, my song.
Repeat, O World, my song.

My unity, my unity
O marvelous song which fills my heart,
You are the promise of all to come,
My banner, my banner
O cloth nailed from every sun
Raised forever, on every peak
My nation, my nation
give me strength, o source of strength
And save me for you, the best of nations.

In faith and love I am part of mankind,
And I shall march first among the Arabs.
And my heart beat shall remain that of a Yemenite.
No foreigner shall ever hold dominion over Yemen.

The national anthem Yemen was adopted in 1979.
It was written by Abdallah Abdulwahab Noman and composed by Ayoub Tarish.

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National Anthem Yemen

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