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National anthem of Andorra

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Andorra

El Gran Carlemany

El gran Carlemany,
mon Pare dels alarbs em deslliurà
I del cel vida em donà
de Meritxell, la gran Mare

Princesa nasquí i Pubilla
entre dues nacions neutral
Sols resto lúnica filla
de l’imperi Carlemany.

Creient i lluire onze segles,
creient i lliure vull ser
¡Siguin els furs mos tutors
i mos Prínceps defensors!
I mos Princeps defensors!

The Great Charlemagne

The great Charlemagne, my father,
from the Saracens liberated me
And from heaven he gave me life,
of Meritxell, the great Mother.

Princess, born Heiress
Into two nations, in neutrality;
I am the only remaining daughter,
of the Carolingian empire.

Faithful and free for eleven centuries,
Faithful and free I will be.
The laws of the land be my tutors,
and my Princes defenders!
And my Princes defenders!

The National Anthem of Andorra was written by Enric Marfany Bons and composed by Juan Benlloch y Vivó.

The motto of Andorra: Strength united is stronger.

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