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National Anthem United Arab Emirates

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Long Live my Nation

The full lyrics of the National Anthem United Arab Emirates

Long live my country, the unity of our Emirates lives.
You’ve lived for the nation’s faith of Islam and guide of the Quran.
I’ve made you stronger in God’s name, O homeland.

My country, my country, my country, my country.
God protected you from the evils of time.
We have sworn to build and work –
work earnestly, work earnestly.
As long as we live, we will be sincere.

The safety has lasted, the flag has lived, O our Emirates!
The symbol of Arabism: we all sacrifice for you and give you our blood;
For you we sacrifice with our souls, O homeland!

The national anthem the United Arab Emirates was adopted in 1971.
It was written by Arif Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan and composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

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National Anthem United Arab Emirates

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