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The Nigerien

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Niger

Throughout great powerful Niger
Which makes nature more beautiful,
Let us be proud and grateful
For our newfound freedom!

Let us avoid vain quarrels
In order to spare ourselves bloodshed,
And may the glorious voices
Of our race be free of domination!

Let us rise in a single leap
As high as the dazzling sky,
Where stands guard its eternal soul
Which will make the country greater!

Arise! Niger! Arise!
May our fruitful labours
Rejuvenate the heart of this old continent!
And may the song be heard
In the four corners of the Earth
As the cry of a fair and valiant people!

Arise! Niger! Arise!
On the ground and on the wave,
To the sound of the drums
In their growing rhythms
Let us always remain united,
And may each one respond
To this noble future
Which tells us: Go forward!

The national anthem Niger was adopted in 1961.
It was written by Maurice Albert Thiriet and composed by Robert Jacquet and Nicolas Abel François Frionnet.

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National Anthem Niger

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