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National anthem of Zambia

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Zambia

Lumbanyeni Zambia

Lumbanyeni Zambia, no kwanga,
Ne cilumba twange tuumfwane,
Mpalume sha bulwi bwa cine,
Twikatane bonse.

Lesa, Lesa, wesu,
Apale calo,
Zambia, Zambia, Zambia.
Fwe bantungwa
Mu luunga lwa calo.
Lumbanyeni Zambia.
Twikatane bonse.

Bonse tuli bana ba Africa,
Uwasenaminwa na Lesa,
Nomba bonse twendele pamo,
Twikatane bonse.

Fwe lukuta lwa Zambia lonse,
Twikatane tubyo mutende,
Pamo nga lubambe mu mulu,
Lumbanyeni Zambia.
Twikatane bonse.

Stand and Sing of Zambia, Proud and Free

Stand and sing of Zambia, proud and free,
Land of work and joy in unity,
Victors in the struggle for our rights,
We’ve won freedom’s fight.
All one, Strong and Free.

Praise be to God,
Praise be, praise be, praise be,
Bless our great nation,
Zambia, Zambia, Zambia.
Free men we stand
Under the flag of our land.
Zambia, praise to thee!
All one, Strong and Free.

Africa is our own motherland,
Fashion’d with and blessed by God’s good hand,
Let us all her people join as one,
Brothers under the sun.
All one, Strong and Free.

One land and one nation is our cry,
Dignity and peace ‘neath Zambia’s sky,
Like our noble eagle in its flight,
Zambia, praise to thee.
All one, Strong and Free.

The National Anthem of Zambia was written by G. Ellis, E.S. Musonda, J.M.S. Lichilana, I. Lowe, J. Sajiwandani, and R.J. Seal and composed by Enoch Sontonga.

The motto of Zambia: One Zambia, One Nation.

3 thoughts on “National anthem of Zambia”

  1. I was an expatriate raised in Zambia from approximately 4 to 14. I am now in my 60s but the words and melody of the Zambian national anthem still come to mind with fondness and Zambia is still one of my favorite places on earth. My wish is that someday I can bring my wife to see the specialness that is Zambia.

  2. This national anthem was composed and written from a heart of prayer. Singing it over the years has helped Zambia to be that peaceful counrty many envy to be a citizen of. Many sing it casualy but I believe many touched of God have sang it to the extent where we see God’s hand upon Zambia even in the midst of crisis. What honour was given to the composer and those that put in the melody? I woke up this morning meditating upon this song and I felt moved by the power of God to sing it prayerfully. Surprisingly this revelation has come to me at a time am visiting in Jo’burg. May God bless my country Zambia and it’s people.

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