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National Anthem Cambodia

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Majestic Kingdom

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Cambodia

May the Angels save our king
Granting him happiness and prosperity
We, his servants, wish to refuge under his completeness
Of sovereign’s line, ones being to build temples
Reigning over old Khmer’s glorious land.

Temples of stone, hidden amid forests
Bethought of the mighty great kingdom triumphs
Khmer race stands tough and solid as eternal stone
We pray for the best upon Cambodia’s destiny
A grand nation’ve ever occurred for.

Dharma risen, up from monasteries
Chant with joy, commemorate of Buddhism
Let us be faithful to our ancestors’ belief
Assuredly, Angels will grant its bounty
Toward Khmer’s, the grand nation.

The national anthem Cambodia was adopted in 1941.
It was written by Chuon Nath and composed by F. Perruchot and J. Jekyll.

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National Anthem Cambodia

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