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National Anthem Tajikistan

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National Anthem

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Tajikistan

Our country so beloved,
Happy we are to see your dignity.
Let your joy and prosperity forever be.
We have reached this day since time immemorial;
Together aligned we stand under your flag, under your flag.

Long live my homeland,
My free Tajikistan!

You are our symbol maternal,
You are the symbol of our honour and dignity,
You are for all your sons and daughters a world eternal,
Never shall your bosom fade away,
We shall continue to remain loyal to you, loyal to you.

Long live my homeland,
My free Tajikistan!

You are a mother for us all,
Your destiny is the future for our families,
Your meaning is the essence of our souls and bodies,
You give us amaranthine happiness,
Because of you, Tajikistan, we love the world love the world.

Long live my homeland,
My free Tajikistan!

The national anthem Tajikistan was adopted in 1994.
It was written by Gulnazar Keldi and composed by Suleiman Yudakov.

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National Anthem Tajikistan

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