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National Anthem Democratic Republic Congo

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Arise Congolese

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Democratic Republic Congo

Arise Congolese,
United by fate,
United in the effort for independence.
Let us raise our foreheads, long bent
And for good let us take the most beautiful impulse,
In peace.

O ardent people
Through hard work
We will build a country more beautiful than before
In peace.

Sing the sacred hymn of your solidarity
Salute the golden emblem of your sovereignty


Blessed gift, Congo!
Of the forefathers, Congo!
O country, Congo!
Beloved, Congo! We will populate your soil
and we will ensure your greatness.

Thirty June, oh sweet sun
Thirty June, of the thirty June
Sacred day, be the witness,
Sacred day, of the immortal
Oath of freedom
That we bequeath
To our posterity
For all time

Unofficial translation

The national anthem Democratic Republic Congo was adopted in 1997.
It was written by Simon-Pierre Boka and composed by Joseph Lutumba.

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National Anthem Democratic Republic Congo

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