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National Anthem Afghanistan

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Afghan National Anthem

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Afghanistan

‘Tis the land of Afghanistan,
‘Tis the pride of every Afghan.
‘Tis the land of peace and the sword,
‘Tis the cradle of its brave sons.

‘Tis the homeland of every tribe,
Of the Baloch and the Uzbeks;
Of Pashtuns, and of Hazaras;
Of the Turkmens and of Tajiks.

Among them are Arabs, Gurjars,
The Pamiris, Nuristanis;
The Brahuis, the Qizilbash;
Also Aimaqs and Pashais.

Like the sun in the deep blue sky;
Forever shall this great land shine!
In the chest of Asia it lies;
As the heart shall it remain!

We shall follow the one God:
We all chant, “God is the Greatest!”
We all chant, “God is the Greatest!”
We all chant, “God is the Greatest!”

This national anthem Afghanistan was adopted in 2006 until 2021.
It was written by Abdul Bari Jahani and composed by Babrak Wassa. It has been replaced by This is the House of the Brave.


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