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National anthem of Saudi Arabia

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Saudi Arabia


،لِلْمَجْدِ وَالْعَلْيَاء
!مَجِّدِي لِخَالِقِ الْسَّمَاء
وَارْفَعِي الْخَفَّاقَ الْأَخْضَر
،يَحْمِلُ الْنُّورَ الْمُسَطَّر
!رَدِّدِي اللهُ أَكْبَر
!يَا مَوْطِنِي
!عِشْتَ فَخْرَ الْمُسْلِمِين
عَاشَ الْمَلِك


To glory and supremacy,
Glorify the Creator of the heavens!
And raise the green flag
Carrying the written light reflecting guidance,
Repeat: God is the greatest!
O my country!
My country,
Live as the pride of Muslims!
Long live the King
For the flag
And the homeland!

The National Anthem of Saudi Arabia was written by Ibrahim Khafaji and composed by Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb.

The motto of Saudi Arabia: There is no God other than God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

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