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National anthem of Abkhazia

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Abkhazia


Шәнеибац, шәнеибац,
Аԥсуаа рыҷкәынцәа.
Аԥсны азыҳәан
Ашьа казҭәаз,
Аԥсуаа рыҷкәынцәа.
Ашьа казҭәаз,
Аԥсуаа рыҷкәынцәа.

О-ҳо-ҳо-о ҳо-о-Рада
О-ҳо-ҳо-о ҳо-о-Рада-Ра!
Ажәҩан мрадоуп, еҵәадоуп
Уара уда Аԥсынра!
Еҵәа-бырлаш Аԥсынтәла,
Улԥха згәаҵақәа ирҭыԥхо,
Геи-шьхеи рыԥшӡара заԥшнылаз.
Жәлар ламысла иҳаракоит.

Рада, Реида, Рарира
Рада, Рерама, Рерашьа.
Нарҭаа риира-зиироу
Афырхацәа Ран-Гуашьа
Аԥсынтәыла-иԥшьоч атәыла
Зхы здиныҳәалаз Анцәа
Зқьышықәасала имҩасхьо гылоуп
Рыжәаҩа еибырҭоит уԥацәа.

Шәнеибац Аԥсныжәлар!
Аишьцәа, шәнеибац!
Нхыҵ-аахыҵ ҳаицуп!
Ҳазшаз илаԥш
Ҳхыуп иаҳхымшәо
Ԥеԥш лаша ҳзышуп!

Шәнеибац, Аԥсныжәлар,
Игылеит ҳамра,
Иақәым ҭашәара!
Шьардаамҭа,Аԥсынра !


March on, march on,
sons of Abkhazia!
Shed our blood
for Abkhazia,
sons of Abkhazia!
Shed our blood
for independence,
sons of Abkhazia!

Like the sun in the sky,
you are always Abkhazia!
Your love has warmed countless hearts,
with mountains and seas put on you.
Men’s conscience also puts on you,
Starry, sacred Abkhazia!

Rada, Reyda, Rarira!
Rada, Rerama, Rerasha!
Mother of the hero,
where Nart is born – how sacred!
Abkhazia, may the world bless you
for thousands more of years to come.
Children unite as one people,
Brothers shoulder to shoulder.

March on, Abkhazians!
Brothers, march on!
In Transcaucasia,
we’re always here,
God’s watching here,
for a better future!

March on, Abkhazians!
The sun is rising!
What a bright future!
Love forever,
that’s God’s bless to
Victory’s bright future!

The National Anthem of Abkhazia was written by Gennady Alamia and composed by Valery Chkadua.

Abkhazia has not an official motto.

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