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National Anthem Mongolia

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National anthem of Mongolia

The full lyrics of the National Anthem Mongolia

Our sacred independent country
Is the ancestral hearth of all Mongols,
May all of the world’s good deeds
Prosper and continue for eternity.

Our country will strengthen relations
With all righteous countries of the world.
With all our will and might
Let us celebrate our beloved Mongolia!

Our great nation’s symbol blesses us
And the people’s fate supports us
Let us pass on our ancestry, culture and language
From generation to generation.

The brilliant people of the brave Mongolia
Have gained freedom and happiness.
The key to delight and the path to success,
Long live our glorious country.

The national anthem Mongolia was adopted in 1950.
It was written by Tsendiin Damdinsüren and composed by Bilegiin Damdinsuren and Luvsanjamts Murjorj.

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National Anthem Mongolia

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