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National anthem of Nicaragua

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Nicaragua

Salve a ti, Nicaragua

Salve a ti, Nicaragua! En tu suelo,
ya no ruge la voz del cañón,
ni se tiñe con sangre de hermanos
tu glorioso pendón bicolor.

Brille hermosa la paz en tu cielo,
nada empañe tu gloria inmortal,
¡qué el trabajo es tu digno laurel
y el honor es tu enseña triunfal!

Hail to thee, Nicaragua

Hail to thee, Nicaragua! On thy land
roars the voice of the cannon no more,
nor does the blood of brothers now stain
thy glorious bicolor banner.

Let peace shine beautifully in thy sky,
and nothing dims your immortal glory,
for work is thy well earned laurel
and honor is thy triumphal emblem!

The National Anthem of Nicaragua was written by Salomón Ibarra Mayorga and composed by Ernesto o Anselmo Castinove.

The motto of Nicaragua: In God We Trust.

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