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National anthem of Nauru

The lyrics of the National Anthem of Nauru

Nauru Bwiema

Nauru bwiema, ngabena ma auwe.
Ma dedaro bwe dogum, mo otata bet egom.
Atsin ngago bwien okor, ama bagadugu
Epoa ngabuna ri nan orre bet imur.
Ama memag ma nan epodan eredu won engiden,
Miyan aema ngeiyin ouge:
Nauru eko dogin!

Nauru, our homeland

Nauru our homeland, the land we dearly love.
We all pray for you and we also praise your name.
Since long ago you have been the home of our great forefathers
And will be for generations yet to come.
We all join in together to honour your flag,
And we shall rejoice together and say:
Nauru for evermore!

The National Anthem of Nauru was written by Margaret Hendrie and composed by Laurence Henry Hicks.

The motto of Nauru: God’s will first.

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