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Hymne pitcairnais

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Come Ye Blessed

Les paroles intégrales de l’hymne pitcairnais

Then shall the King
Say unto them
On his right hand:
Come ye blessed of my Father
Inherit the kingdom prepared for you
From the foundation of the world

I was hunger’d and ye gave me meat,
I was thirsty and ye gave me drink
I was a stranger and ye took me in,

Naked and ye clothed me,

I was sick and ye visited me,
I was in prison and ye came unto me

In as much ye have done it unto one of the least of

These my brethren
Ye have done it unto me,
Ye have done it unto me.

Les Îles Pitcairns n’ont pas de devise.

La monnaie utilisée est le Dollar néo-zélandais.

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