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Gambian Anthem

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For The Gambia Our Homeland

The full lyrics of the Gambian Anthem

Gambia mede sunyu rewe.
Nyu nge jaim di liggaye de nyan
Ndakh nyun nyep nyu bolloh nek a bena
Am sunyu affier ak jama base bu neka.

Na degga sama sunyu jefye
Nyeal jef yu bakh ye ngu digalleh
Tay bolleh sunyu girr ye
Ndakh wonneh ni dom adama wara nekeh bena.

Nyunge tailleh Sunyu degga deggi nangu
Tei essal sunyu diggeh
Yalla mu maggame omba askanwe
Sahal nyu chi Gambia beh fau.

The motto is Progress, Peace, Prosperity.
The currency is the Dalasi.

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Gambian Anthem
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